How You Can Get A Big Butt- Introduction

Hi, my name is Nicole. This site's one and only purpose is to teach you how to get the butt you've always dreamed about. Whether you want to make it rounder, wider or firmer, I'll show you how to get the butt that will make all the men go crazy and all the women jealous!
Many years ago I went through a break up with my first love. We were High School sweet hearts, together for a long time and when it was over, I went into complete despair. I didn't eat, sleep, I was a wreck. I lost tons of weight because I'd lost my appetite for life. Over time, my heart healed and I started to regain my weight but my butt never came back!
At first, I did what a lot of people do and just started eating more. I gained weight in all the wrong places, my face, my arms. I thought to myself, "There has to be a way to regain the body I once had". I knew my body was capable of it, it was there once before.
I studied Nutrition at my University, extensively researched exercises and hit the gym consistently putting those exercises to work. It took some time, hard work and dedication but I finally regained a bigger rounder butt that was even better than the one I had before!
My butt is now my best 'asset' and women ask me all the time about my diet and exercise routine so that they too could achieve the body of their dreams. I realized this must be a common problem and that many people would like to know the right information so they too could get a bigger better butt and stop wasting time. I'll tell you all of the secrets I've learned that keep people from getting the butt of their dreams and how to properly exercise every muscle so that you can get a big butt too!
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